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Races : 2011 Subaru FIS World Cup Speed Skiing - Sun Peaks Canada- March 3rd to 6th
Posted by Jey on 2011/1/11 16:20:00 (3493 reads)


Dear Speed Skiers,

Please find attached the “Official Race Notice” for the 2011 Subaru Velocity Challenge & FIS World Cup Speed Ski Event to be held March 3rd to 6th 2011 at Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia, Canada.

Please forward to all National Speed Ski Associations, Speed Skiing Clubs or any individuals that may be interested in this race and feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

Adam Earle


Races : French Championship (Les Arcs) cancelled
Posted by Jey on 2010/4/5 21:43:13 (4526 reads)

Les ARCS resort decided to cancel the race in "les ARCS" from 15-16th of april 2010

Races : Open French Championship in les Arcs
Posted by Stéphane on 2010/2/28 21:50:00 (5019 reads)

Race - Thursday 15th and Friday 16th
Weather day - Saturday 17th

Mandatory registration by mail berfore april 13rd to Karine Dubouchet cfarcs2010@kl-france.com. Please send:
Name Surname
Birth date
FIS number

The race is open to all nations racers with a FFS or FIS licence.
Informations about accommodation will be published soon.

Races : Vars FIS Wold Cup schedule
Posted by Stéphane on 2010/1/19 22:50:00 (4984 reads)

Thursday january 28th
Free training
6h PM Race committee

Friday January 29th
Mandatory training run
2 race runs

Saturday January 30th
3 race runs

Sunday January 31st
Demi finale et finale

Monday February 1st
Weather day

The new website is online.

Races : Championnats de France jeunes 2008
Posted by Stéphane on 2008/11/26 22:50:00 (5671 reads)

Championnats de France jeunes 2008 de ski de vitesse à Chaux Neuve (25) le dimanche 7/12.

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Races : Programme des Championnats du Monde FIS à Vars
Posted by Stéphane on 2008/10/26 9:50:00 (5585 reads)

Samedi 17 janvier: Accueil et remise des dossards

Dimanche 18 janvier: Entraînements officiel et 1er run
Cérémonie d’ouverture en soirée

Lundi 19 janvier: 2ème et 3ème run de course

Mardi 20 janvier: 4ème et 5ème run de course

Mercredi 21janvier: ½ finale et finale

Jeudi 22 janvier: Journée de repli
Vendredi 23 janvier: Journée de repli
Samedi 24 janvier: Journée de repli

Races : Vars F.I.S. World Cup results
Posted by Stéphane on 2008/2/3 18:50:00 (10217 reads)

In reason of the bad weather conditions, the race was stoped today. The final ranking is done with the results of Thursday.
The victory is for Ivan Origone, Italy (187,237 km/h) and Karine Dubouchet, France (180,353 km/h). The french Jérôme Cantalupo and Jenifer Romano won the "Downhill" category.
Individual results & Results by nations

Races : Vars F.I.S. World Cup
Posted by Stéphane on 2008/1/30 23:50:00 (6602 reads)

Après les runs d’entrainement libres d’hier qui se sont déroulés sous un ciel radieux et des conditions de glisse idéales, la journée du mercredi 30 janvier a été beaucoup moins clémente.
C’est sous un jour Blanc et des chutes de neiges éparses que le run d’entraînement obligatoire s’est déroulé. Une formalité pour la cinquantaine de compétiteurs.
Photos OTVARS - Tam Tam Photo

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Races : Vars F.I.S. World Cup
Posted by Stéphane on 2008/1/29 22:40:00 (7077 reads)

- Tuesday january 29th: free training News & pictures (OT Vars)
- Wednesday january 30th: mandatory training and race runs
- Thursday january 31st: race runs (x 3)
- Friday february 1st: ½ final & final
- Saturday february 2nd: weather day

Races : Memorial Salvaggio canceled
Posted by Stéphane on 2007/3/19 22:40:00 (4458 reads)

In reason of bad weather conditions and forecasts, the Salvaggio Memorial scheduled on march 24 & 25th is canceled.

Races : Verbier Speed Masters & F.i.s. Wolrd Championship schedule
Posted by Stéphane on 2007/2/20 22:40:00 (3792 reads)
Races : "SPEED MASTERS - The Unlimited Speedski Tour" is born
Posted by Stéphane on 2007/2/20 22:40:00 (4174 reads)

The Pro Mondial races join together to create: "SPEED MASTERS - The Unlimited Speedski Tour"

This competition will only take place on tracks that have a potential speed over 200 km/h.
It's going to be open to world class racers that have already reached 200 km/h in an official competition.

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Races : Vars event cancelled
Posted by Stéphane on 2007/1/19 0:00:00 (4011 reads)

The current snow conditions allow an opening of the slopes of the station of Vars but don't allow to prepare the track of Chabriere under satisfactory safety conditions.

The access to the race track start and the finish area are also insufficiently snow-covered.

The station will now work on the organization of the 2008 and 2009 events, World cup 2008, World Championship 2009 and Pro races with the aim of a date publication in the next months.

Races : 2007 updated schedule
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/9/10 1:50:00 (3117 reads)
Races : Pro Mondial Les Arcs - The winners of the last ten races
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/4/11 23:20:00 (3539 reads)

The best speed skiers won the Pro Mondial during the last 10 yers, who will be the next ? ...

1996 Adi DUNSER (GER)
1997 Jeffrey HAMILTON (USA)
1998 Philippe BILLY (FRA)
1999 Harry EGGER (AUT)
2000 Philippe GOITSCHEL (FRA)
2001 Laurent SISTACK (FRA)
2002 Philippe GOITSCHEL (FRA)
2003 John HEMBEL (USA)
2004 Jonathan MORET (SWI)
2006 ???

1996 Karine DUBOUCHET (FRA)
1997 Carolyn CURL (USA)
1998 Laurence LEUBAT (SWI)
1999 Karine DUBOUCHET (FRA)
2000 Karine DUBOUCHET (FRA)
2001 Karine DUBOUCHET (FRA)
2002 Karine DUBOUCHET (FRA)
2003 Sanna TIDSTRAND (SWE)
2004 Tracie SACHS (USA)
2005 Sanna TIDSTRAND (SWE)
2006 ???

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