Home Record : 254,958 Km/h

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Divers : New www.kl-france.com website
Posted by Stéphane on 2007/1/21 16:40:00 (4114 reads)

The new version of F.S.V website is online since January 19th.

Register now to reserve your nickname by clicking on “register” in top on the right of this page.
You will be able to post on the new forum with more categories and to sent private messages to the other members.

Thanks to Jerome alias Jey for the design and many time spent on this website

Races : Vars event cancelled
Posted by Stéphane on 2007/1/19 0:00:00 (4072 reads)

The current snow conditions allow an opening of the slopes of the station of Vars but don't allow to prepare the track of Chabriere under satisfactory safety conditions.

The access to the race track start and the finish area are also insufficiently snow-covered.

The station will now work on the organization of the 2008 and 2009 events, World cup 2008, World Championship 2009 and Pro races with the aim of a date publication in the next months.

Médias : S. Origone & S. Tidstrand World record video - Les Arcs - 19 avril 2006
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/11/10 20:00:00 (6807 reads)

Video 320X240
Video 640X480
(mouse right clic / save as...)

Réglement : Rules modification proposed for 2007 season
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/11/10 19:30:00 (4036 reads)

The modifications indicated below will be subjected to the vote during the FSV general assembly held in Grenoble, November 25th).

Absence at the start:
In case of a missed start, the racer will be authorised to start at the end of the run and from the preceding start (except for a major reason decided by the jury). If the performance is good enough to qualify for the next run, he can re-enter the race as usual.

Equipment check:
Equipment check will be mandatory for the best 3 racers and for 3 additional racers chosen at random. Control of the helmets is during the race inscription and race meetings (use of an official sticker will identify checked helmets).

Back protection:
The back protection should not act as an aerodynamic device or appendage.

Production category equipment:
The use of tape on any part of the body or equipment is not permitted.
During the "Pro Mondial" competitions, the helmet must have a non movable face protector. Profiles behind or on the shoulders are not permitted.
The models of helmets available commercially that satisfy all of these points of rules can be indicated to the racers.
The racers who desire to use other models will have to present them to the equipment commission of F.S.V. no less than one month before the first competition during which they would like to use it.

Conditions of participation in the Pro Mondial:
The competition "Pro Mondial" in the category KL are open to racers who have achieved an official speed over 200 kph (indicated in the official list of "200 kph Club").
The racers who do not have this criteria will have to ask permission to participate to the F.S.V. presenting their sport references at least 45 days before the competition. The response, favourable or non favourable, will be communicated o the racer within 15 days.

Pro Mondial general ranking by speed:
Pro Mondial general final ranking is done in adding each best speed reached during each race (Vars, les Arcs et Verbier).
All the racers classified in one or more races are classified in the Pro Mondial general final ranking.

Races : 2007 updated schedule
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/9/10 1:50:00 (3164 reads)
Divers : Ross Anderson summer
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/9/10 0:20:00 (2717 reads)

ladies love speedskiers !

Ross is the new American record holder with 247,930 kph.
Signing autographs and throwing out the first pitch during a baseball match, meeting his fans (lovely ladies), life is hard !
All informations on his nice wesite: www.rossanderson.org

Résultats : 200kph Speed Ski Club 2006
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/5/27 0:20:00 (3497 reads)
Médias : Pictures Mondial Pro Les Arcs
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/5/4 0:10:00 (4235 reads)
Médias :  Le ski de vitesse présenté sur France Info
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/5/1 23:40:00 (5345 reads)
Médias : Simone to the front page of the Gazetta dello Sport
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/4/28 23:50:00 (3500 reads)

Résultats : Pro World Champions 2006
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/4/26 23:40:00 (2905 reads)

KL Men
1 - ORIGONE Simone (ITA) 80 pts
2 - MORET Jonathan (SWI) 58 pts
3 - ORIGONE Yvan (ITA) 54 pts

KL Women :
1 - TIDSTRAND Sanna (SWE) 80 pts
2 - BANFO Elena (ITA) 63 pts
3 - METSAPELTO Kati (FIN) 50 pts

Production Men :
1 - SAGE Mathieu (FRA) 74 pts

Production Women :
1 - JASMIN Clarisse (FRA) 68 pts

complete results

Résultats :  Pro Mondial Verbier - Résultats finaux l
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/4/25 23:30:00 (4165 reads)

1 : Simone Origone (ITA), 210,50 km/h
2 : John Hembel (USA), 210,37 km/h
3 : Jonathan Moret (SWI), 210,30 km/h

women :
1 : Sanna Tidstrand (SWE), 205,80 km/h
2 : Elena Banfo (ITA), 203,09 km/h
: Kaori Yamazaki (JAP), 199,14 km/h


Résultats : results FIS WC Verbier - 21/23 april
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/4/24 23:30:00 (3275 reads)

Men :
1 : Simone Origone (ITA), 202,04 km/h
2 : Jonathan Moret (SWI), 200,91 km/h
3 : Philippe May (SWI), 200,30 km/h

Women :
1 : Sanna Tidstrand (SWE), 197,84 km/h
2 : Tracie Sachs (USA), 196,69 km/h
3 : Kati Metsapelto (FIN), 196,06 km/h


Résultats : Pro Mondial Les Arcs : World Records !
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/4/19 17:20:00 (5062 reads)

Simone Origone (ITA), 251,40 km/h & Sanna Tidstrand (SWE), 242,59 km/h

Communique de presse Piùpress.it

Résultats : Pro Mondial Les Arcs
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/4/19 17:00:00 (2994 reads)
Races : Pro Mondial Les Arcs - The winners of the last ten races
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/4/11 23:20:00 (3607 reads)

The best speed skiers won the Pro Mondial during the last 10 yers, who will be the next ? ...

1996 Adi DUNSER (GER)
1997 Jeffrey HAMILTON (USA)
1998 Philippe BILLY (FRA)
1999 Harry EGGER (AUT)
2000 Philippe GOITSCHEL (FRA)
2001 Laurent SISTACK (FRA)
2002 Philippe GOITSCHEL (FRA)
2003 John HEMBEL (USA)
2004 Jonathan MORET (SWI)
2006 ???

1996 Karine DUBOUCHET (FRA)
1997 Carolyn CURL (USA)
1998 Laurence LEUBAT (SWI)
1999 Karine DUBOUCHET (FRA)
2000 Karine DUBOUCHET (FRA)
2001 Karine DUBOUCHET (FRA)
2002 Karine DUBOUCHET (FRA)
2003 Sanna TIDSTRAND (SWE)
2004 Tracie SACHS (USA)
2005 Sanna TIDSTRAND (SWE)
2006 ???

Résultats : Results Red Rock Cup - Les Arcs - 8/9 avril
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/4/10 23:20:00 (3320 reads)

Men :
1 : Philippe May (SWI), 188,19 km/h
2 : Simone Origone (ITA), 187,60 km/h
3 : Roger Wickman (SWE), 186,92 km/h

Women :
1 : Tracie Sachs (USA), 183,67 km/h
2 : Sanna Tidstrand (SWE), 183,02 km/h
3 : Elena Banfo (ITA), 180,81 km/h

Complete results

Résultats : Swedish FIS WC races results
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/4/2 23:10:00 (2642 reads)
Médias : Newspaper "Le Sentinella del Cavanese" article about the Marco Salvaggio memorial race
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/4/2 22:50:00 (6459 reads)
Divers : Décès de Patrick Knaff, ancien recordman du monde handisports
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/3/20 22:50:00 (7485 reads)

Patrick Knaff, ancien recordman du monde handisports (185,56 km/h le 16.04.88 aux Arcs) et journaliste sportif de France Télévisions est décédé jeudi des suites d'une embolie pulmonaire.
Les obsèques se dérouleront mardi 21 mars à 14h30 à l'église St Maurice de Doussard (74).
France Ski de Vitesse fera parvenir une gerbe au nom de tous les skieurs de vitesses.

Stéphane LACOSTE
Président de FSV

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