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Divers : 2008 helmets news - update
Posted by Stéphane on 2007/9/26 22:20:00 (6727 reads)

The development continues as projected, the prototypes of the interior helmet for the tests were already manufactured by the Scott company.

A prototype aerodynamic part was also built around the internal helmet, the size of this part corresponding to a circle of 48 cm.
The first internal helmets should be available during October as projected

The size of the helmet defined in the rules is not fixed yet but it will be close to 48cm.
The people who envisage to built an aerodynamic part can already work on the general design general starting from a downhill helmet and an approximate size of 48cm.

As soon as the resale price of the interior helmet is fixed, it will be possible to pre-order on www.kl-France for a fastest delivery. This helmet will be distributed by the FFSV and FSV at cost price.

Recall concerning the 2008 rules:
The use of this internal helmet will be mandatory in FSSV and FSV races in 2008 as decided on June 16th


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