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Divers : 2008 rules: Helmet and Speed Masters qualification
Posted by Stéphane on 2007/7/14 16:20:00 (6165 reads)

Minute of the FSV-FSSV meeting of june 16th 2007 and evolution of the 2008 rules

FSV board members, J.J. Laplace (director of Club des Sports of Les Arcs), Philippe May (Swiss Speed Ski Federation).

All of the participants of the meeting have proposed several rules modifications, propositions and direction of work to improve safety.

Qualification during the Speed Masters:
-Qualification after the 1st day of racing with a cut at 95% of the best speed in each category (men, women, production men and women).
-Cut after the 2nd day at 94% or a maximum of 20 racers for the semi-final.
-Qualification at 97% or a maximum of 10 racers for the final.

The percentages still have to be analyzed and validated by the FSV general assembly.

Use by all the racers of a unique inner helmet model (CE homologated) which has sufficient attachment points to the outer helmet and for a secure hold and an easily detachable aerodynamic part made of fiberglass.

Following the June 16th meeting, a racing helmet manufacturer has been contacted to study and to develop an inner helmet respecting the European norm CE 1077.
The helmet will hold inserts permitting the fixation of the detachable aerodynamic part. The development of the helmet has already started and the 1st sample will be available this fall. The inner helmet volume following the norm CE 1077 will need an aerodynamic part that will not fit the actual 40cm ring.
The new dimension of the ring will be redefined and the rules will be adapted following the development of the new helmet.

The new helmet concept will be mandatory already for the 2008 winter at every Speed Master races.

We are working in collaboration with FIS in order to the new helmet type will be accepted on every FIS race next season even if the size will be bigger that the 40cm ring.

The finals characteristics of the inner helmet and maximum size of the helmet will be communicated as soon as possible so everyone who wants to adapt there own aerodynamic part will be able to do so.
All the racers will be contacted as soon as the inner helmets will be available.


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