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Réglement : Rules modification proposed for 2007 season
Posted by Stéphane on 2006/11/10 19:30:00 (4093 reads)

The modifications indicated below will be subjected to the vote during the FSV general assembly held in Grenoble, November 25th).

Absence at the start:
In case of a missed start, the racer will be authorised to start at the end of the run and from the preceding start (except for a major reason decided by the jury). If the performance is good enough to qualify for the next run, he can re-enter the race as usual.

Equipment check:
Equipment check will be mandatory for the best 3 racers and for 3 additional racers chosen at random. Control of the helmets is during the race inscription and race meetings (use of an official sticker will identify checked helmets).

Back protection:
The back protection should not act as an aerodynamic device or appendage.

Production category equipment:
The use of tape on any part of the body or equipment is not permitted.
During the "Pro Mondial" competitions, the helmet must have a non movable face protector. Profiles behind or on the shoulders are not permitted.
The models of helmets available commercially that satisfy all of these points of rules can be indicated to the racers.
The racers who desire to use other models will have to present them to the equipment commission of F.S.V. no less than one month before the first competition during which they would like to use it.

Conditions of participation in the Pro Mondial:
The competition "Pro Mondial" in the category KL are open to racers who have achieved an official speed over 200 kph (indicated in the official list of "200 kph Club").
The racers who do not have this criteria will have to ask permission to participate to the F.S.V. presenting their sport references at least 45 days before the competition. The response, favourable or non favourable, will be communicated o the racer within 15 days.

Pro Mondial general ranking by speed:
Pro Mondial general final ranking is done in adding each best speed reached during each race (Vars, les Arcs et Verbier).
All the racers classified in one or more races are classified in the Pro Mondial general final ranking.


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