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Divers : Philippe GOITSCHEL, his news project
Posted by Jey on 2013/2/14 22:00:00 (10949 reads)

Philippe G has a new project: Cleaning Trilogy

After several actions carried out since 2007, he is now speeding up his process, organizing and pooling several people's energies around his project: cleaning sites polluted by man underground (caving), on maintains but also underwater. For example, he has already retrieved 300 kilos of waste from the Acongagua summit in 2008.

Here is his website's address, launched today: Respect Planet

Please do not hesitate to spread the word by sharing his weblink with your email contacts, on Facebook or Twitter.

You can click to LIKE the Facebook page of the project:

Please note: his project is competing against 2 others at the "Trophées de Savoie". It only takes a minute to vote for his project "Trilogie du nettoyage", after inscription:


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