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Races : Verbier - World Record attempt!
Posted by Jey on 2012/4/24 21:50:00 (12090 reads)

Verbier will host an invitational event, including the top 5 men in the world this year and top 2 women, in addition to 2 SDH category racers (the top man in SDH this year and World Record holder). There will be several forerunners who were selected by the top 5 male racers as well.

The current confirmed list at the moment is:
1 - Klauss Strottshammer
2 - Ivan Origone
3 - Philippe May
4 - Simone Origone
5 - Bastien Montes (still looking for travel funds if anyone can help)
6 - Sanna Tidstrand
7 - Karine Revol
8 - Gregory Meichtry
9 - Mathieu Sage

+ Xavier COUSSEAU (monoski !)

Confirmed forerunner:
Markus Munzer, Simon Billy, Ismael Devenes, Jonathan Moret

Because the weather doesn't look so great on the weekend, the plan is to start the race at around 200 km/h on Thursday in the sun and move up the Mont Fort towards the ramp, finishing either Friday or Saturday.

Thank you for your interest!
Tracie Max Sachs
Racer Coordinator

PS - we need sherpas and helpers on Thursday and Friday if anyone can help.


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