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New rules
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2007/7/20 10:32
From Kuopio/Finland
Posts: 2
Hello all the speed skiers.

I have read with the big interest the discussion of the new helmet design. I think everybody agrees that we have to change the rules of the helmet. But what are the main issues?

Team Finland opinion is that 40cm rule is old and it should be compensate with a new rule. If we will have a rule that we have to wear FIS race integrate downhill helmets as an inner helmets. This is not a bad thing at all. But there will be big problems to adapt the helmet whit the 40cm rule. Like I am 190Cm and 105Kg and the circumference of my head is 62 cm. For the girls or the smaller people this rule is not a problem. But for all the big skiers this is a major problem. I can guarantee that the skiers who are 165cm and 59kg and the circumference of the heads are 54 cm this 40 cm rule is a huge benefit. I remember when I was racing I had always problems to fit my helmet and we didnít even have any inner helmets.

So my proposal is that we should measure the size of the helmet by the length of the skier. If the skier is under 160Cm. Helmet has to fit through the 40 cm circle in every position. If the skier is over 160cm and under 180cm the helmet have to fit 45 cm circle in every position. If the skier is over 180cm helmet have to fit 50cm circle in every position. All the helmets have to wear two o-rings to buckle the helmet. Not any safety buckles. Aerodynamic part is connected to inner helmet by Nylon screws witch will fall a part when accident happens. They are not wearing any face protectors in downhill skiing, so why shoud us?

Back protector has to be exactly same kind of what they are using in downhill skiing. We should use the same rule as they are using in FIS Downhill competition. Not any more those ridiculous home made back protectors.

I believe that quite many skiers have a problem to find the helmet where you can fit the downhill helmet in. But if we have these changes of the rules as soon as possible I believe that all the skiers have enough time to build a new helmet with the help of Nigel or Beat or any other Pro helmet builder. By these old rules concerning helmets it is totally impossible to but the downhill helmet inside the speed skiing helmet. I know that skiers donít like that the rules are changed every now and then but the last dramatic accidents should not happen again.

I also believe that the helmet and back protector are only beginning what we should fix. We should also concentrate the safety issues inside and outside of the speed courses.

My personal opinion is that the safety issues are always number one. So I hope that the persons who are making these new rules should make these rules such as equal for all the athletics and we donít see in coming seasons some ridiculous tunings.

I hope that all the skiers will give them opinion what kind of rules we should have in a future. Now is the time to talk not wait. For the better future of the speed skiing, we need more talking and twice as much decisions and three times more action. Simple rules for the simple people ;)

Ville Auvinen

Head Coach of the Speedskiing Team Finland

Posted on: 2007/7/20 12:20

Re: New rules
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2007/1/22 12:26
From Callander, Scotland
Posts: 16
At last a little bit of common sense. I too am on the large side 184cm 110kg with a 62cm head. For years I have been using a copy Goitch helmet which has a full face inner. To fabricate the inner helmet required a number of moulds, but it works and unfortunately has been tested out, though not through choice. The inner helmet does have padding 10mm.
Your correct in saying that the rule has to be changed for the skiers with larger frames, a downhill helmet for a large skier will never fit through a 40cm hoop after the shell has been fitted. As for the strap closure, this I'm not too sure about, motorcycle helmets use both methods, buckle and D loop.
Your also correct in the black protector rule, it must also be changed. Once again I fully endorse the use of motorcycle/downhill back protectors, personally tested in Cervinia and Verbier! Once the rule has been changed its the same for everyone, theres on excuses.
You have hit on the one thing that would make all the difference, safety outside the nets, mogul fields are not acceptable. When was the last time you seen a mogul field next to a downhill course. If a skier comes through a fence at high speed, regardless of helmet design and back protection and lands in a mogul field, then we can only expect serious injury.
However, skiers around the world are looking for the rules to be finalised soon, time quickly runs out and before we know it will be the start of the season.
Look forward to hearing other points of view.
The Highlander
Millar Reid
British Speed Skiing

Posted on: 2007/7/21 13:03

Re: New rules
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2007/5/3 19:30
Posts: 18
Could I have dry white wine please, one not two. x

Posted on: 2007/7/27 18:02

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