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2006/5/31 23:28
From Grenoble - FR
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Un constructeur nous a communiqué des informations sur une nouvelle coque aéro "compatible" avec le casque Scott intérieur 2008.
Il s'agit de Claude Pernet, constructeur qui a déjà travaillé pour le ski de vitesse pour l'équipe de suisse des JO de 92.
Les coureurs contacter Jean-Louis Métraux à jlmetraux@bluewin.ch
Le prix communiqué est de 300 Euros.
Si d'autre personnes veulent commercialiser des coques aéro, elles peuvent nous communiquer les infos pour publication.

We received informations about an aero outside helmet "with" the new 2008 Scott inner helmet.
It is Claude Pernet, who worked with the Olympic swiss speed ski team in 1992.
The contact is Jean-Louis Métraux (jlmetraux@bluewin.ch), the price is 300 Euros.
If some people want to sell outside aero helmet, they can send us informations, we will post it on the website

Posted on: 2008/1/20 20:38

Re: Helmet/Casque
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2008/1/22 3:27
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I have available better inner helmets for Speedski design.
They are ANSI certified to standard 2040-07
That is current standard for any alpine snow sport helmet.
If we are going to enforce helmets they had better be a tested helmet that is smooth round to start from,and have face protection...the Scott helmet is not a smooth helmet in the right places,and it needs to be!!
If it is not certified to 2040-7 there will not be anything that will be indemnified in a court of law.
I am a helmet design specialist,and am in contact with both ANSI,and Snell,SEI,ASTM....
Make it fair,and make it right!!
The scott helmet is a step in the right direction,but is Flawed....My inner helmets are full face,and have a perfect attatchment system...nylon screws are not the way to go....they will fail any testing for retention!!

I will personally re-design to meet any rule change,and have outersmand inners ready very soon.
Contact (Walt Nestell) 1-253-389-1487 or nestellhelmets@hotmail.com

Posted on: 2008/1/22 3:50

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