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goodbye catlin
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22/01/2007 0:29
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it has taken me 2 days to find the courage and composure to write this final message in the memory of catlin after the very moving and emotional funeral ceromony that took place on saturday 21st of april by the side at the bottom of the les arcs speed track on the spot where she tragically came to end her life . The whole thing was made even more touching and hard to accept as not only the parents of catlin tovar was there but the parents of marco savaggio were there aswell who only 2 years ago lost their only son in the same tragic way and on the exact same spot as catlin did .I have witness and felt helpless now 2 times to stop or to do anything which could have saved them and this is a nightmare and thought which lives in my head time after time what if !! if i could have done something or to stop it . We as speed skiers , racers and friends must never allow this to happen again , never do i want to see another person die in our sport in such sad and tragic way ! and in their memory we must salute them not only because of their bravery , their passion and their love they had for the sport but the joy and friendship which they brought to us all as family members in our sports !! we salute you catlin tovar , and marco savagggio and to all the others who have sadly died doing what they loved .
concerning the funeral of Catlin i cannot be not overwhelmed by the sheer numbers who turned out to the funeral this only proved to us all who knew catlin how much she was loved by everyone . the whole ceromony was so moving and even the weather played a part as the whole day was a beautiful warm and sunny day but as the hour neared to the final farewell to catlin the weather and the clouds got darker and sombre that the ceromony took place under the sound of thunder which made the affect that even the gods were not happy or was it catlin not happy that we were grieving for her what ever it was it gave the whole thing a most touching of end to a very wonderful and dear friend to us all !! i am sure i speak on the behalf of Catlins' parents ,family and friends to thank all those who were present and who attended her funeral and to those who were thinking of her at the same time as the ceromony but who couldnt make it , a special thanks goes to norman making the ceromony special with his special words and celtic tradition of toasting with a drink to the parting of Catlin .
the final note goes to Catlin and to her family , no one at the funeral couldnt be touched by the sheer bravery , courage and strength shown by the parents and family of Catlin , they were towers of strength to us all by how they faced such a tragic and sad day ! everyone who met the parents and family couldnt not helped to be moved by their personality and joie de vivre which was all present in catlin herself . Everyone could see where catlin inherited her bravery , kindness , generosity and thoughtefulness it was a family trait !! .Even to her death Catlin Tovar was willing to help others and this final act of helping others will stay in my mind for ever . she saved 5 other people by donating her organs to other who needed them badly and this act was typical of Catlin . How life is strange in February before i was setting of to kulm austria and to travel to canada to sun peaks i made a will and catlin seeing i was doing mine decided to do the same thing and i even gave her my spare form which i had so she could write her own will .How cruel is fate and destiny i wonder sometimes !! .
this summer myself and norman clark will be going to les arcs to build a small monument by the spot which both marco savaggio and Catlin Tovar died , we have been given permission by les arcs to do so and we hope all the racers will contribute a small amount to their memory .

Posté le : 23/04/2007 9:49

Re: goodbye catlin
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22/04/2007 21:05
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I was Cait's friend and team mate and at the end of last season lent Cait her first set of kit so she could try the KL for real, she listened to my and many other speed ski friends' advice and as a strong skier progressed quickly as a speed skier. This year she trained with Kevin Alderton and myself in Les Arcs as often as she could and travelled to several of the FIS races gaining the experience she needed to go fast, sadly this ended as you all now know tragically for her and all her family and friends.

I flew back to Les Arcs from Scotland yesterday, for her memorial at the side of the track, and having laid a bottle of whisky amongst the flowers and after some words from her mother, we were invited to help spread her ashes on the hillside.

With this done I tried in vain to quote some words for her and was grateful to her Uncle who read the text for me, here are those words.

May the hills rise behind you,
and may the mountain be always over the crest;
and may the God that you believe in
hold you in the palm of his hand.

May the Lord keep you in his hand,
and never close his fist too tight on you.

As these words were being read there was thunder in the ski rumbling in agreement. Or was it Cait laughing?..

Next he read:

Here's to men of all classes
Who through lasses and glasses
Will make themselves asses!
I drink to the health of another
and the other I drink to is she-
In the hope that she drinks to another
and the other she drinks to is me.

As these words were read I opened the bottle of whisky and poured some out for Cait on the snow with the toast to Cait we all shared from the bottle till it was drunk.

Caits cousin then read the words I wrote for Cait, thanks go to him for this, here they are:

Caitlin Tovar. Cait, Last year when we first met, you helped out with Kevin's 'Blind Speed Ski Record'. You were friendly and became friends with many new faces to Les Arcs, by last season's end you had decided to join the circus that is speedskiing and you brought your own inimitable style with you. Your first speed attempt saw you break your wrist, and might I add my ski's and my spare helmet. This year you broke your personal best and went on to break the Magical 200 kph, and with that you broke the long standing Ladies British record. We knew you were special and then last weekend you broke our hearts, you beat us all to the finish line, to the last blue line of your career. When I next run down the track, I will take you with me, your name will be on my speed helmet, and I will ask you to hop on board as I set off. I know you think we're all "SILLY BUGGERS" But "DARLING" , thank you for being part of the British Team, part of our lives.

Mark Poncin then translated it with some help from Cait's sister, for the many French friends that were there with us.

Cait's mum Hella, wanted me to share these words with you all where ever you are,

Goodbye Cait, see you on the slopes, Normski.

Posté le : 23/04/2007 10:22

Re: goodbye catlin
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21/01/2007 22:06
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I met Caitlin for the first time at the captains meeting in Bad Mitterndorf.
It was a quiet odd situation: She was there to translate into french to the swiss-french speaking british team captain what was discussed. In the end Caitlin became the de facto British captain.
I was impressed by her self confidence wondering who was this person with such security as if she had been part of the circuit for quiet some time.
The next time I met Caitlin was during the days of the fatal race. She used to walk into my appartement with her little dog, we had dinner at the Latino Loco together with other speed skiers as usual.
I spent the last hours with her since she was sitting beside me in the racers area.
She was always distributing good mood, sympathy and fun. It seemed like life was easy for her. She shared these feelings with everybody around her and this was good.
I can still hear her voice with her favorite ending word "..., darling!"
Horrible moments for every speed skier. An unvisible hand comes out of this black hole left of the KL track. Slowly and without break it pulls Speed Skiers into the deep. "Just jump, find a fast line through the mogul field!... damn 240 skis, damn fairings, damn KL suite!"
Caitlin, please never let this ever happen again!
Tim, Marc, Chris, Anna-Karin, Elena, Tracie and many others: I have never been so close to you. It makes me feel sad, but in some way it also makes me feel good.

Next time I pass the timing area next to the black hole I'll say "Hi Marco, hi Caitlin, darling, nice to meet you again!"

¡Marco, Caitlin, hasta siempre!

ricado adarraga (KL España)

Posté le : 23/04/2007 15:59

Re: goodbye catlin
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01/06/2006 12:35
De Grenoble
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Cait lors de la remise des prix de la Red Rock 2007 : comme toujours, en train de sourire ...

(d'autres photos dispo dans les dernières pages de la galerie de la Red Rock Cup : )

Posté le : 24/04/2007 4:19

Re: goodbye catlin
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22/01/2007 10:56
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Thank you, Jey.
Great photos. Makes it harder to accept that she's gone but brings a smile to your face when you remember how she was. A star, indeed.


Posté le : 24/04/2007 11:45

Re: goodbye catlin
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03/05/2007 13:54
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Hors Ligne
To the wonderful famiuly of speed skiers.
Whilst I am still reeling in shock and disbelief at the death of my daughter Cait, I am so comforted and strengthened by your incredible response to this whole event. I didn't need telling that she was special - I always knew that. However, what I needed telling was how loved and supported she was by you all. Thank you. Also for the flowers and comforting words from so many of you.

There will always be a place for extreme sports and I am glad that Cait found it with you. Now, as time passes and the shock abates, and the real lesson of learning to live without Cait in my life begins, I still feel it is time for you all to look forward, taking the experiences from the past to learn for the future. Her spirit will be flying with you when next you challenge the world or your personal best records.

I cannot write to you all individually - but Marc you will be hearing from me most definitely - and others. Just give me time. Remember and put the date in your diary - 13th October, 2007 at 5.00p.m - to Celebrate Cait's Life. It will be a Celebration tinged with love and sadness, as is appropriate. We have a field for people to camp and friends and neighbours will have beds to offer. Nearer the time we will have more details.

My love and thanks to you all, Hella

If there is anyone to translate this into French, Italian or whatever, I should be thrilled. I want everyone who cared about Cait to know that I thank them.

Posté le : 03/05/2007 14:25

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